Magnesium L-Threonate Explained: Everything You Need to Know

Magnesium L-Threonate Explained: Everything You Need to Know

The human body is a complex machine that requires several sources of essential nutrients to function optimally. Some sources are minerals, including calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and more. Most of these minerals are provided to the body through our food. 

However, our body loses some of these minerals faster than others which should be replenished with "trusted" supplements. Magnesium L-threonate is an essential dietary supplement that has been proven beneficial for restoring magnesium in the body. 

The innovative formula assists in providing the required amounts of magnesium to the body and helps to improve brain function.

What is Magnesium L-threonate?

Magnesium keeps cells, nerves, muscles, bones, and the heart functioning well. Magnesium L-threonate has magnesium that's bound to the amino acid L-threonic acid. "The widely trusted Magtein’s magnesium l threonate gives it a unique ability to go beyond the blood-brain boundary to boost magnesium levels in the body". Magtein® is a revolutionary magnesium product, holding multiple global patents by Magceutics establishing itself as the flagship provider of magtein®. Magnesium L-threonate is more than a regular supplement. It can even aid in the release of specific neurotransmitters. But, when to take magnesium L threonate? You can take magnesium L threonate for several benefits like:

Protection against age-related cognitive decline: Magnesium L-threonate supports brain health and has shown positive effects on neurological disorders like Alzheimer's disease.

Improving memory: Magnesium L-threonate supports neurotransmitter signaling in the brain and helps enhance memory, learning, and overall cognitive function.

Relief from Depression and Anxiety: Magnesium L-threonate can ease anxiety and stress-related ailments by preventing the release of cortisol and other stress hormones. The supplement attaches to neural receptors, promoting more profound relaxation and calming the stressed nervous system.


Sleep Benefits: Melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles in the body. Magnesium L-threonate promotes melatonin production, gradually extending sleep duration and improving sleep quality.

Reduced risk of osteoporosis and fractures: Magnesium L-threonate supports bone health development, too. It helps improve bone mineralization and density, reducing the risk of bone-related complications in the future.


Magnesium L-threonate for stress relief

Ways to Consume Magnesium L-threonate

If your healthcare professional prescribes magnesium L-threonate, you must follow the suggested dosage and consumption methods.

Following the correct Magnesium L-threonate dosage is vital as under or over-dosage intake may make no difference or worse, cause severe side effects on the body.

Magnesium L-threonate is available in

  • Tablets or capsules 
  • Liquid form
  • Chewable tablets
  • Powdered form

Paying attention to consuming Magnesium L-threonate as directed by the professional helps to gain maximum benefits. Some general instructions are:

  • Do not chew delayed-release/enteric-coated capsules or tablets.
  • Do not split extended-release tablets
  • Shake the bottle well when having from a suspension

Having the Magnesium L-threonate supplement on an empty stomach may cause gastrointestinal upset. It's advisable to have your supplements along with a meal for better absorption. When you have your supplement in the presence of some healthy fatty foods, it maximizes the effect of magnesium on your brain health. Additionally, it’s advisable to stay hydrated all day. 

When Can I See the Effects of Magnesium L-threonate?

The time it takes for magnesium L-threonate to take effect on a body can differ from person to person. It is generally observed that people have reported visible effects after 12 weeks of constant magnesium L-threonate supplementation. However, there have been cases where people have reported results after the first six weeks. Like every supplement, several factors can influence the full effect of magnesium on the body:

Diet and lifestyle: The body's ability to absorb magnesium can differ depending on age, digestive health, and overall lifestyle.

Metabolism: If your metabolism is higher, you may require higher doses of magnesium L-threonate to make up for the faster energy expenditure, thus impacting the results on your body.

Health and medical conditions: Existing health conditions can influence the full impact of the magnesium L-threonate. 

Maximizing Magnesium L-threonate supplements benefits

Magnesium L-threonate has helped several individuals boost their brain health, thanks to its ability to break the blood-brain barrier. If the right magnesium threonate dosing is complemented with a healthy lifestyle, you can soon find improvements in your health, memory, and cognitive functions.

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